We not only restore our available inventory, but also private party commissioned projects. Our restoration prices vary depending on the level, and desired design requirements by our clients. So if you have a special family heirloom, or already have a great vintage stove that you would like to have restored, feel free to contact us for a free estimate at or phone us @ (209) 754-4100.


Restoration Process

We specialize in fully restored vintage stoves. Meaning that the original functions and cosmetics are as like original, including clocks and timers. We do however offer different levels of restoration. We restore all vintage stoves from frame-up. Each stove is disassembled, and inspected for repair or replacement. The frames and structural hidden components are treated with a powder-coated process, or high-heat enamel painting process. Then the various parts are sent out for repair; porcelain goes to a porcelain contractor, chrome to the chrome contractor. All of our gas thermostats and safeties are rebuilt like new and guaranteed. We install new insulation (ceramic, not fiberglass, 3 times the R-value); most all wiring is replaced with new appropriate high-heat type, most all with new springs, most all new gas tubing, and mostly new nuts and bolts!


Each antique stove is restored to function as it originally was, as well as its cosmetic original appeal. Because of our meticulous work process, we confidentially offer at least one-year parts and labor

guarantee on all products. The end results speak for itself as you will be able to see for yourself by enlarging each picture on our Web site. The scrutinizing quality of our craftsmanship makes for a true

masterpiece for your unique kitchen remodel!


The main thing to keep in mind in considering an vintage or antique stove is that the 1920s-1930s era stoves need clearance, cabinetry needs to be spaced a few inches away from sides to allow for unit functionality, and a heat buffing area. Contrary to the 1940s-1950s era style ranges usually do not require this, and we feel it is imperative that the insulation is heavily insulated and BTU tolerant up to 2000 degrees. We use an exclusive a "ceramic-silica", that is made for commercial broiler systems that feels like a heavy wool blanket, not the cotton-like ball feel and light weight of Maytag replacement insulation.


We are capable of the highest level of a "fully-restored" vintage stove process, as we get all the functions to work, like timers, clocks that make owning these stoves so much more satisfying to own and use, as they interact with timed gas functions, with all the attention to detail.



Our Restoration Process

Featured below, is an O'Keefe & Merritt "Aristocrat" (AKA- "Town & Country"). These pictures below outline the major steps for rebuilding a stove of this complexity and detail. Starting at frame level. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)