We not only restore our available inventory, but also private party commissioned projects. Our restoration prices vary depending on the level, and desired design requirements by our clients. So if you have a special family heirloom, or already have a great vintage stove that you would like to have restored, feel free to contact us for a free estimate at or phone us @ (209) 754-4100.


1948 30” wide Wedgewood Vintage Stove, with  Red Knobs and Handles!

- Fully restored, and fully functional!       * See detailed photos.


* Although this one is -Sold- , we have others for future restoration. Call Christian for availability @ 209 754-4100.


Features  – 1 - 16” wide Baking Ovens with Cooking Guide! 1- Lower Broiler, 1- large Pantry Storage Compartment, and 4 large Cook-Top Burners!


Dimensions – 30” wide/ 46” high/ 29” deep to the back of the stove to the front of the handles. Main body is 27” deep without the handles.


Special Restoration Details – This Wedgewood vintage stove was restored with with red knobs and handles! Notice the newly silk-screened Baking Guide in yellow, on the interior oven door!


* If you want this ‘Dream’ model, contact Christian @ 209 754-4100.